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Hthl benefits nutrition
Shield nutrition

Trees care for your nutrition

Fruit and nuts from trees contain antioxidants which boost your immune system and provide healthy fats to help decrease bad cholesterol levels.

Hthl benefits fitness
Shield fitness

Trees care for your fitness

Green spaces and tree-lined streets encourage walking, outdoor activities and generally healthier lifestyles.

Akers, A., Barton, J., Cossey, R., Gainsford, P., Griffin, M., Mikleright, D. (2012). Visual Color Perception in Green Exercise: Positive Effects on Mood and Perceived Exertion. Environmental Science and Technology. 46(16):8661-8666. 12 September 2016.

Hthl benefits skin
Shield skin

Trees care for your skin

Urban trees throw shade on your exposure to harmful UV rays, reducing your chances of developing skin cancer.