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To enhance workplace productivity, optimize window views outside by adding treescapes; supplement with indoor plants

Chang, CY, Chen, PK HortScience, 40(5), Aug. 2005, pp. 1354-1359

To increase psychological wellbeing of employees, provide windows with views of treescapes and natural areas

Kaplan, R Landscape and Urban Planning, 26(1-4), October 1993, Pages 193-201

To decrease stress and increase general health of a workplace, encourage contact with nature through daily walks or a natural setting around the workplace

Largo-Wight, E et al Public Health Reports (1974-), Vol. 126, May/June 2011, pp. 124–130

To decrease the number of employee sick days, provide natural light exposure, outdoor access, and green views

Elzeyadi, I.M.K. Greenbuilding Council 2011 Proceedings, USGBC Press.

To increase the quality of life for assisted living residents, provide easily accessible, safe, shaded outdoor settings

Access to Nature American Society of Landscaspe Arthitects 2010 ASLA Profeessional Awards

To encourage physical activity in adults, increase the amount of neighborhood treescapes and other greenspaces. To reach recommended levels of physical activity, exercise in neighborhoods with high levels of treescapes and other greenspace.

Ellaway, Anne, Sally Macintyre, and Xavier Bonnefoy BMJ, 331:611, Oct. 2005

To decrease childhood obesity, increase the amount of neighborhood treescapes

Sanders, T; Feng, X; Fahey, P. et al International Journal of Obesity Vol. 39, Aug. 2015, 1224-1229

To decrease childhood obesity, increase the amount of neighborhood treescapes

Bell, Wilson and Liu American Journal of Preventive Medicine, 35(6), Dec. 2008, pp. 547–553

To decrease obesity in children ages 3-5 years, increase the density of neighborhood street trees

Lovasi GS, Schwartz-Soicher O, Quinn JW, et al Preventive Medicine, 57(3), Sept. 2013, pp. 189–193

To decrease overall mortaility rates, increase neighborhood tree canopy

Crouse, DL et al The Lancet Planetary Health, 1(7), Oct. 2017, pp. e289-e297

To reduce mortaility (particularly in women), ensure there is community greenspace within 0.15 mile of all residences

James, P; et al Environmental Health Perspectives, 124(9), Sept. 2016