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Trees can boost your health in surprisingly diverse ways.

If you’ve ever felt energized by a forest hike, or enjoyed the shade of leafy branches on a hot day, you’ve experienced some of the health benefits of trees. Learn how to boost your overall well-being by spending time in green spaces.

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Trees strengthen your body.

Simply getting outdoors among trees can improve physical health for everyone, from babies to seniors.

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Trees nourish your mind.

Trees can soothe and energize us, improving mental health for children and adults alike.

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Trees boost your body’s healing.

Whatever ails you, having trees nearby can help you heal, enhance immunity, and fight disease.

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Trees foster your financial health.

Exposure to trees can lower your medical and health care expenses, and expanding forests and green spaces in and around your community often increases property values.

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Your Forest Prescription

These easy-to-use resources will help you incorporate trees and forests into family and community life.