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Medical Practitioners

To decrease the number of employee sick days, provide natural light exposure, outdoor access, and green views

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To encourage physical activity in adults, increase the amount of neighborhood treescapes and other greenspaces. To reach recommended levels of physical activity, exercise in neighborhoods with high levels of treescapes and other greenspace.

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For college student mental well-being, spend at least 10 minutes a day in a treed natural setting

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To improve the quality of life of residents and self-reported mental health, increase the amount of accessible urban natural greenspaces

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To decrease incidences of psychological distress, ensure greenspaces have a minimum of 30% tree cover

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To alleviate post-stroke symptoms in dementia residents of care facilities, provide access to a treed wander garden

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To increase quality of life for dementia residents in care facilities, provide access to treed wander gardens

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To help manage coronary artery disease, take a 30-minute walk every day in a shaded park-like environment

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