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Evaluation of Walk Across Texas! - a web-based community physical activity program

The results of this study provide support for the effectiveness of WAT! to initially increase and maintain moderate levels of PA of participants over 8-weeks, even in inactive or low-active participants. These results provide a setting for further research questions regarding PA enhancement within a team-centered, web-based approach.

Faries, MD, Lopez ML, Faries, E et al

BMC Public Health 19, 1588, Nov. 2019

Overall, mean changes in PA in all variables were statistically significant, with the largest, clinically significant changes in submitted miles/week. Self-reported PA increased, while leisure-time sitting decreased. All sub-groups increased in self-reported miles per week, on average. Both the inactive and low-active groups experienced a statistically significant increase in mileage from week 1 to week 8.