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Health promoting outdoor environments – Associations between greenspace, and health, health-related quality of life and stress based on a Danish national representative survey.

An association between distance to agreenspace and health and health-related quality of life was found. Further, the results indicate awareness among Danes thatgreenspaces may be of importance in managing stress and thatgreenspaces may play an important role as health-promoting environments.

Stigsdotter, U. K., Ekholm, O., Schepperijn, J., Toftager, M., Kamper-Jorgensen, F., Randrup, T. B

Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, 38(4), April 2010, pp. 411 – 417

Danes living more than 1 km away from the nearestgreenspace report poorer health and health-related quality of life, i.e. lower mean scores on all eight SF-36 dimensions of health than respondents living closer. Respondents living more than 1 km away from agreenspace have 1.42 higher odds of experiencing stress than do respondents living less than 300 m from agreenspace.