Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives Activity… | Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives

Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives Activity - Healthy Trees, Healthy Mind

Did you know that spending time near trees can improve your mental health and help relieve physical symptoms of anxiety and depression?

Take 30 minutes and find a cozy spot outdoors near a group of trees.

Download the Healthy Trees, Healthy Mind worksheet for some creative tips on how to use trees as mental medicine.

BONUS: Post a photo of your trees on your social media pages and describe your experience using #healthytreeshealthylives and #naturechallenge

The Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives communications initiative has developed a set of templates to help users, partners and stakeholders stay on-brand when creating activities and curriculum assets. These templates have been created in a web-based program called Canva and you will need to create an account to access the templates – but don’t worry, they’re free!