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Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives Branded Document Templates

The Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives communications initiative has developed a set of templates to help users, partners and stakeholders stay on-brand when creating one-pagers, flyers, infographics and PowerPoints. These templates have been created in a web-based program called Canva and you will need to create an account to access the templates – but don’t worry, they’re free!

To access templates, please click the links below:


How to use the templates

1. Select the template link that you would like to use and click the “use template” button.

2. The screen will prompt you create a Canva account if you do not already have one. Create a free account.

3. Each template includes multiple page layouts that can be used. Select the page(s) you want to use and delete the extra pages with the trashcan icon on the top of each page.

4. Edit the page(s) you’d like to use by adding in your own text and images. *Some elements on templates may be locked to avoid creating off-brand materials and cannot be moved.

5. Once the page(s) have been edited with your content, select the download button in the top right-hand corner and download as a “PDF Print” file. The file will be downloaded to your computer downloads and ready to print or use!

Helpful tips

1. Before working on branded templates., please review the

Healthy Trees, Healthy Lives Branding Guidelines

Partner Guidelines

2. For tutorials and training on working with Canva, please subscribe to the “Design with Canva” playlist on YouTube.