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Bridging Cultures and Healing Wounds: The Journey of Forest Therapy in Houston

Mar 18, 2024

Adelayde Rivas Sotelo, a business communication specialist and a passionate advocate for holistic well-being and biodiversity conservation, shares her journey of bringing forest therapy to the Hispanic community in Houston. Recognizing the emotional challenges migrants face, Adelayde embarked on a mission to offer healing and connection through nature. Having personally experienced the profound benefits of forest therapy, Adelayde felt compelled to share this practice with others. With a background in biodiversity conservation and the support of organizations like Conservation Connexion and the USDA International Institute of Tropical Forestry, she obtained certification in forest therapy.

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Since May 2022, Adelayde has been leading free forest therapy walks at various sites in Houston, including Russ Pitman Discovery Center Park and Cullen Park. Through these walks, participants from diverse Latin American countries have found solace and healing by reconnecting with nature and their cultural roots. Teaming up with fellow forest therapy guide Sarela Pardo, Adelayde has conducted numerous walks, benefiting over 100 participants. Their efforts have been particularly embraced by Latina women, who resonate deeply with the sensory experiences offered by forest therapy.

As they continue their mission, Adelayde and Sarela aim to expand the reach of forest therapy in Houston, making it accessible to more communities. By sharing their knowledge and experiences, they hope to foster a more balanced and sustainable world where people and nature thrive in harmony. Through her dedication and commitment, Adelayde exemplifies the transformative power of nature in promoting mental well-being and cultural connection. Her efforts serve as an inspiration for all those seeking healing and renewal in the natural world.

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